shinemaker: a home in three buildings


Hidden among an aspen grove near Wilson, Wyoming, ShineMaker is a newly completed retreat compound designed by CLB Architects and HSH Interiors. The mountain home spans thirty-five acres at the base of the Tetons, celebrating a blend of old-growth forest, young pine and aspen trees, and rolling meadows. The property serves as a creative haven for a California-based couple, authors and owners of an independent record label, seeking a nature-oriented outpost for their writing practice.

CLB architects scatters ShineMaker retreat compound at the base of wyoming's tetons
image © Mathew Millman | @matthewmillmanphoto



clb architects mimics a ‘geological remnant’ in the mountains


Comprising a main house, guest house, and writer’s studio, CLB Architects designs its ShineMaker compound to unfold as a trio of simple boxes, each thoughtfully designed in response to its unique surroundings. The 6,000 square-foot main house, positioned on the edge between field and forest, mimics a ‘geologic remnant’ in the landscape. In contrast, the 1,577 square-foot guest house and 580 square-foot writer’s studio nestle intimately within the wooded environment. A fourth structure is planned for the future, which the architects plan to be ‘spiritually focused’ to enhance the retreat’s holistic nature.

clb architects shinemakerimage © Aaron Kraft



nature-focused architecture


The architecture of ShineMaker embraces openness, offering sweeping views of mountain vistas, the Grand Tetons, natural fauna, forests, and meadows. The main house, with a rectilinear plan, seemingly anchors itself to surrounding trees, creating a dynamic quality. The charred shou sugi ban exterior enhances this effect, forming overhangs and openings. The interplay with the landscape continues through the use of light Atlantic cedar, subtle plaster, and floor-to-ceiling glass, blurring the boundaries between the interior and the postcard surroundings.


Wood, steel, bronze, custom cast white concrete, bleached cedar, travertine, and onyx define the material palette of ShineMaker. Italian limestone takes center stage in the primary bath, serving as both flooring and a custom bathtub, intricately water jet cut from a single block. This selection of materials creates a harmonious fusion of natural elements, elevating the retreat’s aesthetic.

clb architects shinemaker
image © Mathew Millman



inside the modern mountain home


In collaboration with the team at HSH Interiors, the clients’ bohemian lifestyle and love for music, literature, and the great outdoors inspired the interior design. The three-bedroom guest house, located steps away from the main house, features a similar carved-away entry and rectilinear form. The writer’s studio, positioned as a two-story sentinel surrounded by aspens, provides a formal contrast to the other structures, offering a space for contemplation among the tree canopies.

clb architects shinemaker
image © Mathew Millman CLB architects scatters ShineMaker retreat compound at the base of wyoming's tetons
image © Douglas Friedman

CLB architects scatters ShineMaker retreat compound at the base of wyoming's tetons
image © Douglas Friedman



project info:


project title: ShineMaker

architecture: CLB architects @clbarchitects

location: Wilson, Wyoming

interiors: HSH Interiors (Holly Hollenbeck) | @hshinteriors

completion: 2023

photography: © Mathew Millman, Aaron KraftDouglas Friedman