G/O Architecture embeds multi-leveled building into alley corner


Around the Corner by G/O Architecture is a multi-generational family house in Seoul that provides rental spaces for the family’s older members, parents’ generation, and the building owner’s generation. The project emerged with the objective of creating a structure that seamlessly integrates into an alley corner, fostering visual engagement and communication with passers-by.


Situated in Junggok-dong, the building stands out in an alley surrounded by villas. The design avoids the typical front clutter of parking lots and entrances on the first floor. Instead, it features a small shop, front space, and a second-floor exterior balcony, allowing pedestrians the opportunity for visual connection or communication.

around the corner 1
all images courtesy Great Ordinariness – G/O Architecture



accommodation apartments distribute into three stories


Comprising the lower floors with neighborhood facilities, the third floor with rental housing, and the upper floors with family and parental accommodations, the layout adheres to legal requirements while prioritizing interaction with the surrounding alley. Openings between floors create a sense of connectivity, with brick tiles and simple core methods extending external sensations to the interior.


The deliberate use of materials, such as brick tiles, along with the staircases, and corridors, contributes to the spatial experience, aiming to differentiate the perception from both inside and outside. The strategic placement of windows and variations in height, based on privacy considerations, introduces a rhythm to the facade. The design team‘s intention is for the building to be a discreet yet engaging presence in the corner, encouraging observation and interaction as people stroll down the alley.

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project info:


name: Around the Corner
architect: Great Ordinariness – G/O Architecture | @g.o_architecture

lead architect: Juyoung Lee

location: Seoul, South Korea



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