kalbod studio reveals mega airport city design in saudi arabia’s NEOM project

kalbod studio reveals mega airport city design in saudi arabia’s NEOM project

neom airport city proposal by kalbod design studio


Following its vision for a floating healthcare island in Dubai, Iranian architecture practice Kalbod Design Studio releases a series of renders for a NEOM Airport City proposal, strategically positioned to establish a solid connection between Saudi Arabia‘s ongoing megaproject and the global arena in response to the region’s communication needs. The biophilic design, evoking an organic urban matrix reaching for the sea, engages in strategic dialogue with THE LINE, forging a symbiotic relationship in terms of accessibility and economic integration. 

neom airport city 1
all renders © Kalbod Design Studio



integrating a multifacted tourist attraction program


Distinguished by its multifaceted functionality, the NEOM Airport City is curated by the team at Kalbod Design Studio to align with the region’s touristic plans and ambitions. Beyond its primary role as an airport, the project offers as a distinctive and compelling attraction for both visitors and NEOM residents alike — with its museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces. Together, these programs create a series of cities, each housing its own diverse micro-climate in one of the world’s most arid landscapes. Bridging sustainable and social needs, the proposal acts as a puzzle within Saudi Arabia’s megaproject, potentially playing a transformative role in the emergence of this ongoing development.

kalbod studio reveals mega airport city design in saudi arabia’s NEOM project
NEOM Airport City proposal

neom airport city 2
strategically positioned to establish a link between Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project and the global arena

neom airport city 3

neom airport city 4
museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces complement the main airport

neom airport city 5
a compelling destination for visitors and NEOM residents alike


neom airport city 6
layered design, evoking biophilic patterns

neom airport city 7



project info:


name: Neom Airport City

location: Saudi Arabia 

architecture studio: Kalbod Design Studio @kalbod.studio

principal architect: Mohamad Rahimizadeh

senior architect: Mohammad Ramezankhani

design team: Mehrdad Akhlaghi, Ziba Baghban, Pegah Samei, Hossein Roasaei, Pardis Ahmadi


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