gaggenau embeds essential induction


Blending architectural finesse with cutting-edge technology, Gaggenau’s latest cooktop innovation becomes practically invisible in the kitchen. It’s all about embracing the essence of cooking without unnecessary distractions…

gaggenau’s essential induction cooktops realize the minimalist kitchen
The new Essential Induction revolutionizes kitchen design with a hob that is all but invisibly integrated into a Dekton work surface, arming architects with total freedom of expression

all images courtesy of Gaggenau



Gaggenau’s commitment to innovation and eye-soothing aesthetics in the kitchen is well known; its appliances aim to please the most exigent cook and meet the rigor of the dedicated minimalist. Its latest launch, however, turns the idea of appliance design on its head.



An appliance hidden from view


Going by the suitably understated name Essential Induction, Gaggenau’s latest cooking appliance has disappeared almost entirely into a Dekton worktop; the only evidence when switched off that it is, indeed, a cooking station, are the front-mounted knobs in stainless steel or black. When switched on, a glowing LED dot indicates where to place your pan for heat, and remains visible as long as the surface is hot to touch. When off, the cooking zone becomes the anything-goes zone – an uninterrupted surface to be used for lunch prep, dining or homework.

gaggenau’s essential induction cooktops realize the minimalist kitchen
The only evidence of the induction hob surface is the knobs installed in the surface edge, and the glow of an elegantly small spot that indicates that the hob is on and heating



Essential Induction is made possible by the unyielding properties of Dekton, a unique material from surface-makers Cosentino. Made from ultra-compact mineral particles, Dekton resists heat, stains and scratches and is available in 60 finishes. It is consistently the material choice of architects when designing kitchen countertops, chosen for its durability and its wide palette of colors and designs.


Fusing technology with architectural features


The vision and cooking technology, however, is all Gaggenau. Hidden beneath the Dekton surface are high-performance induction modules – sized to accommodate pots and pans either up to 21 cm or 28 cm. The modules are activated through surface protectors that magnetically connect to the cookware, protecting the top from scratches and dampening sound. The knobs, meanwhile, offer all the performance of Gaggenau’s 400 series – that is, fast, precise and intuitive selection of the 12 power levels, a keep warm function and boost.

gaggenau’s essential induction cooktops realize the minimalist kitchen
Concealed beneath the Dekton surface are induction modules in two differing sizes. Magnetic surface protectors are used to grip to the pan and safeguard the heated work top



‘The reduction to the essential is every architect and designer’s dream product,’ says head of business development Kais Zaiane. ‘But as we are Gaggenau, this revolutionary concept offers not only absolute aesthetic freedom in kitchen planning but also perfect quality cooking and joy.’ Essential Induction shows us that less is definitely more.


Guest Feature by Emma Moore | Architonic